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Juni 2008

The Amsterdam Archive
Special issue on the occasion of the fifth European Congress of Mathematics, Amsterdam, 13–18 July 2008

Gerard Alberts, Editor-in-Chief
Gunther Cornelissen, Patrick Oonincx, Martin Raussen, editors
Chris Nunn, language editor
91 Editorial Gerard Alberts
92 Calendar
94 News
97 Mathematical connections Robbert Dijkgraaf
99 Gene Golub Around the World Day Kees Vuik
100 Stevin, Huygens and the Dutch republic Fokko Jan Dijksterhuis
108 Math Girls Rule – A Dutch success story Gunther Cornelissen
109 Noncommutative geometry and number theory Matilde Marcolli
113 Computing Kazhdan-Lusztig-Vogan polynomials for split E8 Marc van Leeuwen
117 How complicated can structures be? Jouko Väänänen
121 Ancient and modern secrets of Isfahan Jan P. Hogendijk
122 Three examples of applied and computational homology Robert Ghrist
126 Flows in railway optimization Alexander Schrijver
132 Exploits in the Dutch history of mathematical sciences Patrick Oonincx, Gerard Alberts
134 Interview with N.G. de Bruijn and Hendrik Lenstra: Escher for the mathematician Jeanine Daems
138 Where have all the students gone? Klaas Landsman
141 Confessions of an industrial mathematician Chris Budd
147 The Royal Dutch Mathematical Society since 1778 Danny Beckers
150 Forensic Statistics Marjan Sjerps
157 Canonizing maths Vincent van der Noort
158 Problems