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September 2012

Henri Poincaré Centennial Issue
Edited by Ferdinand Verhulst and Steven Wepster
147 Editorial Ferdinand Verhulst and Steven Wepster
154 Interview with Henri Poincaré: Mathematics is the art of giving the same name to different things Ferdinand Verhulst
159 Henri Poincaré and partial differential equations Jean Mawhin
170 Self-excited oscillations: from Poincaré to Andronov Jean-Marc Ginoux
178 Poincaré and the idea of a group Jeremy Gray
187 Asymptotic series of Poincaré and Stieltjes Hasse van Boven, Rob Wesselink, Steven Wepster
191 Poincaré and Brouwer on intuition and logic Dirk van Dalen
196 Poincaré and Analysis Situs, the beginning of algebraic topology Dirk Siersma
201 Perspectives on the legacy of Poincaré in the field of dynamical systems Henk Broer
209 The interaction of geometry and analysis in Henri Poincaré's conceptions Ferdinand Verhulst
217 Increasing insightful thinking in analytic geometry Mark Timmer and Nellie Verhoef
220 Book descriptions: New books about Henri Poincaré Jean-Marc Ginoux, Ferdinand Verhulst, Jeremy Gray
148 Servicepagina
149 Agenda
151 Nieuws
223 Problemen