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Our most recent issue is the September 2016 issue. A preview:

Machine-checked mathematics by Assia Mahboubi
Assia Mahboubi is a permanent researcher at the French research institute Inria. She also works at the Microsoft-Inria Joint Centre. She has contributed to the formalization of the Feit–Thompson theorem in the Coq proof assistant and is currently working on verified computer algebra. In this article she gives an overview about machine-checked mathematics.

All articles of the fifth series are available online one year after publication.

The Nieuw Archief voor Wiskunde is the quarterly journal of the Royal Dutch Mathematical Society. The journal is aimed at anyone who is involved with mathematics professionally, as an academic or industrial researcher, student, teacher, journalist or policymaker. Its goal is to report on developments in mathematics in general and in the Dutch mathematical community in particular.

september 2016